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Why mare’s milk?

Mare’s milk is a key ingredient in mare’s milk line by TruNomad. 

Mare's milk contains protein fractions (immunoglobulins, beta lactalbumin, lactoferrin, lysozyme) vitamins (A, C, K) minerals, proteins,probiotics, polyunsaturated fatty acids and iron. 

It has antimicrobial properties as well as high regenerative  and calming powers, leaving the skin soothed, replenished and hydrated.  Mare's milk effectively restores dry and over tired skin. 

Why prebiotics?

4 out of 7 products in  mare’s milk skincare line contain prebiotics to support healthy skin barrier (concentration percentage is 5%).

Topical prebiotics can help promote a healthy skin barrier and aid the skin in withstanding harsh environmental factors. Prebiotics work perfectly well with mare's milk, creating a skincare that strengthens the immunity of your skin. 

We add prebiotics to hand cream, body cream, hand wash as well as body wash. We do not add prebiotics to our fragrance-free products.

Green preservatives

TruNomad products contain high concentrations of prebitoics and mare’s milk which explains a light “milky” fragrance.  


We do add  lemongrass, lavender, sandalwood and orange essential oils to create a light and energizing scent. 

We're committed to providing safe and effective skincare that you can feel good about using. That's why our products are free from harmful chemicals and we only use natural, green preservatives. Some of our products contain carefully chosen, nontoxic fragrances to provide a great sensory experience.


Immortelle and Vitamin E

Immortelle is a key ingredient in our body and hand washes. It is commonly used in anti-aging products because not only does it increase collagen production, but it also renews skin cells and deeply moisturizes. It prevents aging, reduces inflammation  and the appearance of puffiness. 

Vitamin E is an incredibly powerful antioxidant, that has the ability to protect cells from free radical damage. Vitamin E also protects the skin from ultraviolet rays as well as pollution.